Open Letter from DLD

Open Letter from DLD

By John Roche on 08 Sep 2014 03:30 pm

Open letter to Wellington Cursillistas

Dear friends in Christ,

It is with great sadness and a strong sense of unfinished business that I tender my resignation as your Diocesan Lay Director along with membership of the Wellington Secretariat.

I am unable to continue in this position when I am so opposed to the present direction of the Wellington Anglican diocesan leadership on same gender “affirmation/acknowledgement”. Although I understand no formal position is evident it is my standing that with the acceptance of motion 30, my recent one-on-one meeting with +Justin, the underlying leadership silence and my strong views to the contrary on the matter I can no longer serve in this role when I am so opposed. This stance of mine is now a matter of conscience and Motion 30 is now a bridge too far for me to accept, hence my decision.

You will be aware that I have been opposed to the direction of same gender recognition for some time now so in good conscience my position is unchanged. What has changed is the view of some within the Anglican leadership to not see this matter with biblically importance to the Body of Christ. Unity at any cost especially to integrity will lead to a day of decision and that is where I am. As the matter of same gender acceptance gains traction there is a degree of inevitability that my views will clash with others. So in humility it is best that I leave in grace knowing that I am being called to make a personal stand on this matter in a day to come.

Additionally as I am your Lay Director for (M39) Wellington Men’s Cursillo 39 in July 2015 at St Matthew’s in Masterton, I offer you my resignation from this role. As my opposing views are made known it may adversely affect the Cursillo movement in Wellington if I am asked to expresses them to others so it is better for all that this appointment not continue in 2015.

Finally I understand that I am actively involved in a number of areas for this ministry so over the next few weeks I will be working with Derek and the leadership team to ensure that there is good transition governance and right order for this change in leadership. With this in mind my resignation will take effect from the end of the month being Tuesday 30th September unless you require it sooner.

It has been a tremendous honour to serve as your Diocesan Lay Director since 2009. I know I was called into the role when I started and I know that I am being called to another as I move forward in His ministry.

Your servant in Christ and a bondservant of Jesus

Yours sincerely,

John Roche Diocesan Lay Director Wellington Diocesan Anglican Cursillo
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