Our Values

As a ministry and body of believers we are committed to the following set of values:

Commitment to Christ:

  • To love and honour the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. (Mark 12 :30)
  • We desire intimacy with God, both corporately and individually. We seek to know Him and make Him known.

The Word of God – The Bible:

  • We value the Bible as the Word of God, inspired unto man. (John 1: 1)
  • We value its truth, to proclaim that truth and desire obedience to its instruction. (Luke 4: 4)

Spirit Led Worship:

  • We value worship together as a body and on an individual basis.
  • We value being led by the Holy Spirit in our worship as we gather together. (Luke 4: 8)

Radical Discipleship:

  • Upon salvation we value an uncompromising commitment to Christ and His Lordship. (Luke 9: 23)
  • Jesus has redeemed us through His death on the cross. We embrace the work of the cross as fundamental to our belief system.
  • We are called to make disciples and we aim to bring forth God’s gifting and ministry in each person. We desire to release all into their calling where ever that may be. (Matthew 28: 19-20)

Prayer and Intercession:

  • We are committed to enduring prayer and intercession. (Philippians 4: 6-7)
  • We believe the Lord speaks His will to us through prayer. It is the key to everything we do.
  • Without prayer we do not know His anointing or authority.


  • We value the gift of the prophetic in our midst. The Bible says all may prophecy at one time or another. (1 Corinthians 14: 1, 24)
  • We value the prophetic in being visionary and in seeking God’s timing.
  • We desire that prophecy would allow us to be at the vanguard of what God is doing by His Spirit.


  • We value the sanctity of marriage. (Genesis 2: 24)
  • We value the wholeness of the family unit. We esteem the role of fathers, mothers and children of all ages.
  • We hold fast their roles within the family of God.
  • We treasure TIME together with loved ones and desire to see family life strengthened.


  • We are committed to working with and praying for the body of Christ, whether locally, nationally or internationally in the spirit of unity. (Ephesians 4:3)
  • We value the whole body that is made up of many parts. (1 Corinthians 12: 14-27)


  • We seek leaders who not only embrace these values, beliefs and character traits but also actively endeavour to live by them in their everyday lives.
  • We desire our leaders to be motivated by love, empowered by the Holy Spirit and to lead with the servant heart of Jesus.
  • We esteem team spirit and function with Christ as the Head.
  • We endeavour to continue to reproduce and nurture leaders with these qualities.


  • We desire to have a youthful zeal for God coupled with the wisdom of God that comes with experience.
  • We include children and youth as a powerful and relevant part of the body of Christ TODAY.
  • We desire to not only equip the next generation but to also be taught by them the new things of God.
  • We desire to grow in Christ but to remember to be childlike in our faith when called to be so.


  • We have a passion for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people globally.
  • We desire to understand more of their culture and how it brings greater understanding to the Gospel of Jesus.
  • We are committed to prayer for Israel.